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Selected Reporting

"Corvallis hub vies  for federal dollars to spur tech and economic boom."

"A food hub coming to South Corvallis?

"Vonetta Johnson, fiercely devoted mom of 2, was 'fearful of the world'"

"Philomath wants a grocery store."

"Corvallis is updating its forest management plan, some groups call the process flawed."

"130 years later, Corvallis' Robnett's Hardware is closing."

"After 46 years, The Shoe Hutch's doors are closing permanently."

"Spending a night at several designated (and non-designated) sleeping areas around Corvallis."

"​Corvallis tries to craft peace resolution amid Israel-Hamas war."

"Why Corvallis residents must drive out of town to take a driving test."

"Out-of-town investors banking on Corvallis, here's why."

"Millersburg wants a slice of residents' land — for free."

"Taken from India to Soap Creek Valley on false pretenses."

"Corvallis Fall Festival: 50 years of art, music and community."

"Coffin Butte mechanics protest alleged unfair labor practices."

"Who repressed speech at Coffin Butte event?"

"Corvallis City Council to consider ousting one of its own."

"First of its kind: Corvallis store is here for curly, coily and kinky locks."

"Tensions over Palestinian solidarity resolution at Corvallis meeting."

"Survey: Corvallis remains an ideal place to live, but at what cost?"

"The Corvallis group singing by the bedsides of the dying and grieving."

"Mike Asukwo: What's in a political cartoon?" Culture Custodian
"Tejumade Afonja is running the biggest AI classes you've never heard of." TechCabal
"A history on bike hailing, hard lessons and growing from Chinedu Azodo." TechCabal
"At 28, Oghenetega Iortim is solving Africa's cold chain logistics problem." TechCabal
"The silent Voltron that is Titi Akinsanmi." TechCabal
"From slum to country manager, Jane Egerton-Idehen's inspiring story." TechCabal
"Kyane Kassiri dreams of a connected African tech ecosystem." TechCabal
"In Obi Ozor's world, audacity is king." TechCabal

"Joanna Bichsel on building Africa’s first femtech e-commerce company." TechCabal
"Federal ministry of GoFundMe." TechCabal
"Doctors don’t often listen to women, simple digital tools can make them pay attention." TechCabal
"How agritech is sustaining Africa’s food supply in the middle of a global lockdown." TechCabal
"Digital archives immortalise West African culinary and political history." Sahelien
"A slow and steady climb for Nigeria's animated film industry." Culture Custodian
"Nollywood is on hold and there’s only so much digital tools can do to help." TechCabal
"The Rwandan agritech startup on a mission to deliver fresh produce and elevate farmers." AMAKA Studio
"Dangerous permissions and hidden trackers in your period app." TechCabal
"The tech entrepreneur making livestock trade transparent and seamless." AMAKA Studio
"Is the coast clear for Lagos' bus hailing startups?" TechCabal
"Much ado about GPT." African Women in Media
"For many women, ride-hailing apps are now a haven of harassment." TechCabal
"The economic case for ride hailing in Enugu." TechCabal

"​The hidden manufacturers." BusinessDay
"E-commerce is changing the way Nigerian women thrift." AMAKA Studio

"How involved should priests be in politics? Nigeria is a reminder it’s not just an American question." America Magazine
"Why INEC should replicate this e-voting system in the 2019 elections."  Ventures Africa

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